Results of project chipS·CALe

This page collects all publishable results of the project, including peer-reviewed scientific papers, conference proceedings papers and presentations. Visit this page regularly to get the latest updates.

  • Establishment of traceability/measurement service – JV uses predictable standard detectors to define their optical power and spectral response scale. Optimised exploitation is planned.
  • EMPIR projects in the past – JV has exploited cryogenic photodiodes as current source for driving Josephson AC or DC Voltage standards in SIB59 Q-WAVE and 15SIB04 QuADC.
  • Planned contributions in the future: PQEDs as embedded standard with Photonic Integrate Circuits and exploitation for extended dynamic range calibration. Planned in accepted EMPIR 2020 SEQUME project and ActPhast4R project.
Aalto University